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Bridge12 Electron Guns – Vacuum Electron Devices Tailored to Fit Your Needs

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The electron guns is an essential component in all vacuum electronic devices (VEDs) such as accelerators, gyrotrons, traveling-wave-tubes, and x-ray tubes. Their function is to produce a narrow, collimated electron beam with a precise kinetic energy, which can be used to ionize particles, stimulate the emission of x-rays, or deliver heat in a vacuum furnace.


Bridge12 develops electron guns for a variety of applications, including microwave tubes, X-ray sources, accelerator applications, and more. We can provide prototype electron guns based on your electron beam requirements, including a full-physics and electrical design. We also work with customers from research laboratories and universities who want an implementation of their electrical design, which is often provided as electrode shapes. We utilize a combination of electrostatic and magnetic focusing systems to achieve the right beam parameters for your requirement.

Made by professionals using state-of-the-art tools and facilities.

Currently, electron guns for VEDs are largely built on a one-off basis, resulting in costly designs and long lead times. Furthermore, there is only a very small selection of vendors that can fabricate these devices. Our experienced team of scientists and engineers at Bridge12 has streamlined the design process significantly by using state-of-the-art design and fabrication methods. We utilize industry bench-marked tools for electromagnetic and mechanical finite element-based simulations, optimize electrode poles, and to perform a complete thermal analysis. Our electron guns are fabricated in-house, where we have special facilities for testing dielectric strength, DC emissions, and customized performance testing. All of our electron guns are baked-out at temperatures of up to 450 °C on our in-house exhaust station, as necessary for industrial applications.


Bridge12 specializes in Magnetron Injection Guns (MIGs) for gyrotrons, linear or sheet beam guns for traveling wave tubes (TWTs), high power microwave (HPM) devices, and accelerator systems. Some of the recent electron guns manufactured by Bridge12 for our customers include a 65 kV, 7 A Magnetron Injection Gun for a millimeter wave gyrotron, a 20 kV, 0.25 A gun for terahertz gyrotron and a 12 kV, 40 mA sheet beam electron gun for use in a terahertz traveling-wave-tube.

Working with customers to create the perfect prototype or production design

Bridge12 can verify customer-provided electrical designs and optimize the design for mechanical implementation, or we can design the magnetic focusing system necessary for beam transport to match customer provided mechanical constraints. We develop one-off prototypes as well as models equipped for serial production. The interfaces can be either weld flanges or demountable CF flanges. An integrated and isolated ion pump can be provided for long term storage of the gun assembly or for use during operation.

Recently Fabricated Models:

Model Number Voltage Current Type
B121TMID095K 65 kV 7 A MIG for 100 kW, mm-wave gyrotrons
B12TMIG198W 20 kV 0.25 A MIG for 100 W terahertz gyrotrons
B12TSBG300U 12 kV 0.035 A Sheet Beam Gun for terahertz TWT

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