Stable Isotope-Resolved Analysis with Quantitative Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

Lerche, M. H., D. Yigit, A. B. Frahm, J. H. Ardenkjaer-Larsen, R. M. Malinowski, and P. R. Jensen. “Stable Isotope-Resolved Analysis with Quantitative Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization.” Analytical Chemistry 90 (January 2, 2018): 674–78.

Metabolite profiles and their isotopomer distributions can be studied noninvasively in complex mixtures with NMR. The advent of dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (dDNP) and isotope enrichment add sensitivity and resolution to such metabolic studies. Metabolic pathways and networks can be mapped and quantified if protocols that control and exploit the ex situ signal enhancement are created. We present a sample preparation method, including cell incubation, extraction and signal enhancement, to obtain reproducible and quantitative dDNP (qdDNP) NMR-based stable isotope-resolved analysis. We further illustrate how qdDNP was applied to gain metabolic insights into the phenotype of aggressive cancer cells.

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