[ssNMR] Post-doc position in the Nieuwkoop Lab

The Nieuwkoop lab seeks a post-doctoral researcher to help start a project on the structural biology of the PTEN protein. We use fast spinning solid-state NMR to study protein-lipid interactions. In this project, we seek to understand the functional role of PIP binding by the C2 domain of PTEN. The PTEN C2 domain will be expressed with isotopic labeling to for backbone and side-chain NMR assignments as nanocrystals and bound to its PIP ligand in liposomes. This project will depend on novel ssNMR experiments, optimized sample preparation, and specialized NMR equipment to assess structural and dynamical changes in the bound and unbound protein.

Contact Andy at an567@chem.rutgers.edu for more details and apply here: http://jobs.rutgers.edu/postings/101163

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