ssNMR/DNP ZOOMinar: Aaron Rossini (Iowa) and Evan Wenbo Zhao

Hi all,

Bob and I would like to announce our upcoming ZOOMinar session on 3rd June, Wed. Our speakers are Prof. Aaron Rossini (Iowa State University) and Evan Wenbo Zhao (Clare Grey?s group, Univ. of Cambridge), the details are:

Zoom link: <>

Date/ Time: Wed 3rd June, 8.00 am California/ 11.00 am Boston/ 5.00 pm Paris/ 6.00 pm Israel

Further details about the ZOOMInar available at <> <>

1st speaker: Evan Wenbo Zhao, ?In Situ NMR and EPR Studies of Anthraquinone-Based Redox Flow Batteries?

(*Attachment available at <>*)

Postdoc with Clare P. Grey at Univ. of Cambridge

PhD with Clifford Russell Bowers at Univ. Florida

Undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University

2nd speaker: Prof. Aaron Rossini, ?Characterization of Nanomaterials by Sensitivity-Enhanced Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy?

Assistant Professor at Iowa State University

Postdoc with Lyndon Emsley and Anne Lessage at ENS Lyon / EPFL

Undergraduate/PhD with Rob Shurko at Univ. of Windsor


Kong and Bob

Dr. Kong Ooi Tan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue, NW14-4112

Cambridge, MA 02139

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