[SharedEPR] Advanced EPR Summer School in Czech Republic, Nov 2019

Hello SharedEPR participants,

Here is an announcement from the European Federation of EPR groups (EFEPR):

EFEPR is organizing a summer school on Advanced EPR Spectroscopy in Brno in the Czech Republic, 18-25 November 2019. The website is here: http://eprschool.ceitec.cz

The school brings together about 100 graduate students / postdocs and more than a dozen outstanding EPR instructors – see the program here: http://eprschool.ceitec.cz/programme/. This is the 8th time this school is held, and it has been very successful in the past.

Consider going if you are a student; consider sending students if you are a PI. The school is very affordable: The total cost for this 8-day event is 420 EUR, or about 470 USD. This includes all lodging and food.

The registration deadline for the school is June 26, 2019 (in 9 days).

For questions, you can contact the local organizers via the school website: http://eprschool.ceitec.cz/contacts/

Best regards

Stefan Stoll

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