Postdoc position available in Solid-State NMR at Stockholm University

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Postdoctoral Researcher Position in Solid-State NMR at Stockholm University

at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Arrhenius Laboratory, Stockholm University, Sweden

The Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK) at Stockholm University is internationally renowned for developing and characterizing properties and structures of modern materials, where solid-state NMR represents one of the characterization techniques. The solid-state NMR instrumentation at MMK includes two wide-bore magnets (9.4 T and 14.1 T) with triple-channel Bruker Avance-III spectrometers and a multitude of MAS probeheads. The solid-state NMR research at MMK is focused on developing and applying solid-state NMR spectroscopy techniques for structural investigations of structurally disordered inorganic materials, in particular glasses and porous materials.

Project Description
We are inviting a self-motivated and creative individual to apply for one postdoctoral opening that involves developing new MAS NMR methodology for determining internuclear distances among spins-1/2 as well as among half-integer spins within multi-spin networks. The techniques will be applied to structurally disordered materials, such as aluminosilicate glasses, bioactive silicate glasses, and bone. The successful candidate will be collaborating with researchers responsible for computer modeling (e.g., MD simulations) and other structural characterization techniques.

Examples of recent publications relevant to the project:
[1] Low-Power Broadband Homonuclear Dipolar Recoupling without Decoupling: Double-Quantum 13C NMR Correlations at Very Fast Magic-Angle Spinning, G. Teymoori, B. Pahari, B. Stevensson and M. Edén, Chem. Phys., Lett., 547, 103-109 (2012)

[2] Multiple-Quantum Spin Counting in Magic-Angle Spinning NMR via Low-Power Symmetry-Based Dipolar Recoupling, G. Teymoori, B. Pahari, E. Viswanathan and M. Edén, J. Magn. Reson, 236, 31-40 (2013)

[3] Central-Transition Double-Quantum Sideband NMR Spectroscopy of Half-Integer Quadrupolar Nuclei: Estimating Internuclear Distances and Probing Clusters within Multi-Spin Network, A. Brinkmann and M. Edén, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys, 16, 7037-7050 (2014)

Eligibility & Selection Criteria
The applicant should have a PhD degree in Chemistry or Physics (or equivalent thereof) and significant experience in MAS NMR experimentation. The selection is based primarily on scientific excellence in the field of MAS NMR: previous experience with developing and utilizing advanced solid-state NMR techniques, and/or NMR theory development is required and should be documented in the application. Previous experience with Bruker Avance spectrometers and/or experience with NMR on quadrupolar nuclei are considered advantageous. Skills in computer programming will be beneficial, but not necessary. Please do not apply if you lack experience with solid-state NMR.

Conditions of employment
The position involves a full time employment for 12 months, with the possibility of further extension up to 24 months. The financial support is through a stipend (free of tax) of 20 000 SEK/month. The position is to be filled the soonest possible, with an intended starting date from February 2015 (the precise date is negotiable). Reviewing of the applications will begin immediately and proceed until the position is filled.

Additional Information
Further information about the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry may be found at

Further info about the PI:

For inquiries, please contact Professor Mattias Edén:


The application should be written in English and must include

  • Letter of interest with a description of research interests and previous experience with solid-state NMR, relevant for the present position.
  • CV and publication list
  • copies of diploma of scientific degrees and transcripts of academic records
  • the contact information of at least two references

Please send your application by email as a single pdf file to:, with the reference “SU-POSTDOC NMR” in the subject line. Reviewing of the applications will begin immediately and proceed until the position is filled.

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