[NMR] Solid-State NMR Service Manager position at Durham University (UK)

Dear colleagues,

In preparation for the retirement of the current manager, we are looking for an experienced solid-state NMR practitioner to run the Durham Solid-State NMR Research Service (https://www.dur.ac.uk/solid.service/).

As well as supporting academic research, primarily for the Department of Chemistry, and particularly for the NMR research groups of Dr Karen Johnston and Prof. Paul Hodgkinson, the Service is essentially self-financing through commercial service work to industry and academia more widely. Maintaining and developing this business model will be key to renewal of the post beyond the initial two year appointment period.

Full details about the position and how to apply can be found here:


[Apologies for the excessive length of the HR-imposed application process – ability to identify the important material is the first selection criterion!]

The closing date is 24 Jan.

With good wishes,

Paul Hodgkinson

Karen Johnston
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