[NMR] Postdoc/PhD position available on high-frequency microwave engineering for NV-diamond NMR

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a postdoc/PhD/staff position is available in the Bucher lab at the Technical University of Munich in the frame of the EU HORIZON 2020 ERC programme.

Topic: High-frequency microwave engineering for NV-diamond NMR

Description of the work: In recent years, defects in diamonds have been shown to act as atomic-sized sensors for nanoscale nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments. Here, this innovative quantum technology will be further developed for real-world applications in chemistry, material and life sciences. The project will be highly interdisciplinary at the unique interface between quantum technology and chemistry. The research position is situated in the Chemistry Department (physical chemistry) at the Technischen Universität München and is funded by the European Union. More information can be found on www.bucherlab.org.

Current microscale NV-NMR experiments typically work at low magnetic fields (< 0.1T) which limits their application due to a lack of chemical specificity. In this Postdoc position, a new NV-NMR setup with an increased spectral resolution at higher magnetic fields (0.5-1.5 T) will be developed. Thus, microwave pulses at high power and frequencies (10-40 GHz) will be generated, and a suitable resonator will be designed. The application of this new technique will be in biology and material sciences.

Further information: www.bucherlab.org


Specific Requirements: Prospective candidates should have a Masters/PhD degree in electrical engineering, physics, spectroscopy, or related field, interested in technology development and have extensive hands-on experience in high-frequency microwave engineering. While not required, experience in one or more of the following topics are advantageous: NV-quantum sensing / NMR / EPR spectroscopy

Biomolecular Quantum Sensing

Dr. Dominik Bucher

TUM Junior Fellow

Lichtenbergstr. 4

D-85748 Garching

Tel.: +49 89/28913435


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