[NMR] Paramagnetic metal ion DNP | Tutorial by Björn Corzilius| Tuesday, September 29, 8:00am California #DNPNMR

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The 15th Educational Tutorial will be given by Prof. Björn Corzilius, University of Rostock, Germany, on the topic:

“Paramagnetic metal ions polarizing agents for DNP”.


Paramagnetic metal ions are intriguing alternatives to radical polarizing agents for DNP. In the first part of my presentation I will introduce their magnetic resonance properties and the peculiarities in DNP theory of high-spin metal ion polarizing agents. In the second part I will give an overview of recent DNP applications in biomolecular and materials science using high-spin polarizing agents Mn(II), Fe(III), Cr(III), Gd(III).

Speaker’s biography:

2005-2008: PhD, Physical Chemistry, Technical University Darmstadt
2009-2013: Postdoctoral Fellow and Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2013-2019: Emmy Noether Research Group Leader, Goethe University Frankfurt2019-present: Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Rostock

Webinar details:
Time: Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 08:00 AM California or 11:00 am Boston or 5:00 PM Paris or 8:30 PM Delhi

Join Meeting: https://ucsb.zoom.us/j/92480496788
Meeting ID: 924 8049 6788

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