[NMR] HYP18 conference Sep 2-5 2018, Southampton UK #DNPNMR

The HYP18 conference on hyperpolarization in Southampton is now open for registration and abstract submission at hyp18.com.

This conference will cover the main areas of nuclear hyperpolarization and some other methods for sensitivity enhancement in NMR and MRI, including:
  • dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), both in solids and in solution
  • optical pumping 
  • quantum-rotor-induced polarization 
  • parahydrogen-induced polarization 
  • diamond magnetometry 
and key applications such as clinical imaging, materials science, and molecular structure determination. As far as we know, a meeting of this kind has not taken place before. It is a unique opportunity to hear the latest news from this exciting frontier. 

The confirmed plenary speakers are:

The confirmed invited speakers are:

Welcome to Southampton in September!

Malcolm and Peppe



Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance

Southampton UK, Sep 2-5 2018



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