[NMR] 53rd Royal Society of Chemistry ESR Group Meeting – deadline approaching #DNPNMR #EPR

Dear Colleagues,

the registration deadline for the 53rd Annual Meeting of the ESR Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry is on 21 February. If you plan to attend, please register here:


The Meeting is the longest running EPR spectroscopy conference in the world, as well as the occasion on which the EPR Bruker Prizes are awarded for the best PhD thesis (junior level) and the best scientific accomplishment (senior level). The meeting also hosts IES Poster Prizes, and the JEOL Medal, awarded for the best student presentation. In the annual cycle of the EPR spectroscopy community, this conference is the central event.

This year’s Meeting will take place in Manchester between 29th Mar and 2nd Apr 2020. The registration is open and may be accessed via the link above.

Best wishes,



Dr Ilya Kuprov FRSC

Associate Professor of Chemical Physics

Secretary to the RSC ESR Spectroscopy Group

Associate Editor, Science Advances

Office 3041, Building 30,

School of Chemistry, FNES,

University of Southampton,

Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK.

Tel: +44 2380 594 140

Email: i.kuprov@soton.ac.uk

Web: http://spindynamics.org



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