Hyperpolarized Multi-Metal 13C-Sensors for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Mishra, A., et al., Hyperpolarized Multi-Metal 13C-Sensors for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Anal Chem, 2016. 88(22): p. 10790-10794.


We introduce hyperpolarizable 13C-labeled probes that identify multiple biologically important divalent metals via metal-specific chemical shifts. These features enable NMR measurements of calcium concentrations in human serum in the presence of magnesium. In addition, signal enhancement through dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) increases the sensitivity of metal detection to afford measuring micromolar concentrations of calcium as well as simultaneous multi-metal detection by chemical shift imaging. The hyperpolarizable 13C-MRI sensors presented here enable sensitive NMR measurements and MR imaging of multiple divalent metals in opaque biological samples.

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