Hyperpolarized MR – What’s up Doc? #DNPNMR

Ardenkjaer-Larsen, Jan H. “Hyperpolarized MR – What’s up Doc?” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 306 (September 2019): 124–27.


Hyperpolarized MR by dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (dDNP) appeared on the scene in 2003. Since then, it has been translated to the clinic and several sites are now conducting human studies. This has happened at record pace despite all its complexities. The method has reached a pivotal point, and the coming years will be critical in realizing its full potential. Though the field has been characterized by strong collaboration between academia, government and industry, the key message of this perspective paper is that accelerated consensus building is of the essence in fulfilling the original vision for the method and ensuring widespread adoption. The challenge is to gain acceptance among clinicians based on strong indications and clear evidence. The future appears bright; initial clinical data looks promising and the scope for improvement is significant.

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