Hyperpolarized MAS NMR of unfolded and misfolded proteins #DNPNMR

König, Anna, Daniel Schölzel, Boran Uluca, Thibault Viennet, Ümit Akbey, and Henrike Heise. “Hyperpolarized MAS NMR of Unfolded and Misfolded Proteins.” Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 98 (April 2019): 1–11.


In this article we give an overview over the use of DNP-enhanced solid-state NMR spectroscopy for the investigation of unfolded, disordered and misfolded proteins. We first provide an overview over studies in which DNP spectroscopy has successfully been applied for the structural investigation of well-folded amyloid fibrils formed by short peptides as well as full-length proteins. Sample cooling to cryogenic temperatures often leads to severe linebroadening of resonance signals and thus a loss in resolution. However, inhomogeneous linebroadening at low temperatures provides valuable information about residual dynamics and flexibility in proteins, and, in combination with appropriate selective isotope labeling techniques, inhomogeneous line-widths in disordered proteins or protein regions may be exploited for evaluation of conformational ensembles. In the last paragraph we highlight some recent studies where DNP-enhanced MAS-NMR-spectroscopy was applied to the study of disordered proteins/protein regions and inhomogeneous sample preparations.

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