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Dear SharedEPR community,

There are a series of current job openings related to EPR spectroscopy. See below. Please forward to potentially interested people.

Facility Manager for the Centre for Pulse EPR Spectroscopy (PEPR) at Imperial College London

Closing date: 20 October 2020

Informal enquiries to Dr Maxie Roessler welcome (e-mail

PhD position (PGR studentship) within the MSCA-ITN-ETN NeuroTrans

Call for application to a PhD position in the field of EPR. Details on the position can be found on

Contact: Dr Thomas Stockner,

Closing date: 10 October 2020

Postdoctoral appointee working on transient CW and Pulsed EPR in the Center for Nanoscale Materials and Nanoscience and Technology Division at Argonne National Laboratory

Position is available starting November 2020.

The project aims at investigating the factors influencing spin information and transfer in novel two dimensional structures with well-defined sizes and shapes within supramolecular structures for enhanced emission applications. In these structures, rare earth ions will be caged in well controlled environments consisting of two dimensional networks containing organic linkers whose electronic properties can be tuned by an external stimuli. This electronic tuning will allow the emission of rare earth cations to be turned on or turned off, thereby effectively controlling the optical properties of the supramolecular structure as a whole. This selective adjustment should allow for the potential applications of these structures using rare earth salt mixtures, crude materials of much lower added value than purified rare earth metals. The EPR studies will be complemented with spatially resolved ODMR and synchrotron X-ray STM to understand molecular level of excitations. Depending on the strengths and interests of the successful applicant, the individually designed subproject may be expanded to quantum sensing in nanoscale systems or upconversion nanoparticles. 

We welcome highly motivated candidates with a PhD degree in chemistry or physics. Successful applicants should have a solid background in physical chemistry (spectroscopy), good writing skills and must be able to work independently as part of a team in an interdisciplinary environment. Previous experience in magnetic resonance spectroscopy is required.

For details regarding the application process, salary and possible starting dates please contact Dr. Tijana Rajh (

Best wishes

The SharedEPR team

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