Essentials of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization #DNPNMR

Dear Colleague,

It is my pleasure to announce that a limited edition of 

    `Essentials of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization’ 

is now available at the UK branch of Amazon:

This book is a concise introduction to dynamic nuclear polarization. 

It presents the foundations of the solid effect, Provotorov’s theory,

thermal mixing and the cross effect, and includes some of the latest 

developments, such as the integrated solid effect.  It condenses half 

a century of personal experience in the field, and is oriented towards 

graduate students, researchers and anyone with a working knowledge 

of the quantum mechanics of spin.  

The summer school on `The principles of dynamic nuclear polarization’ 

in Tramelan, Switzerland, from 22 to 26 August, will be based on this book

and participants will receive a complementary copy at the school.  

For further information please consult:

Additional material will eventually be posted on my website:

Yours sincerely,

Tom Wenckebach

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