Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of 13C Nuclei in the Liquid State over a 10 Tesla Field Range #DNPNMR

Orlando, Tomas, Rıza Dervişoğlu, Marcel Levien, Igor Tkach, Thomas F. Prisner, Loren B. Andreas, Vasyl P. Denysenkov, and Marina Bennati. “Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of 13C Nuclei in the Liquid State over a 10 Tesla Field Range.” Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58, no. 5 (January 28, 2019): 1402–6.


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques play an essential role in natural science and medicine. In spite of the tremendous utility associated with the small energies detected, the most severe limitation is the low signal-to-noise ratio. Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), a technique based on transfer of polarization from electron to nuclear spins, has emerged as a tool to enhance sensitivity of NMR. However, the approach in liquids is still facing several challenges. Here we report the observation of room temperature, liquid DNP 13C signal enhancements in organic small molecules as high as 600 at 9.4 Tesla and 800 at 1.2 Tesla. A mechanistic investigation of the 13CDNP field dependence shines light on parameters governing the underlying scalar DNP, indicating that DNP efficiency is raised by proper choice of the polarizing agent (paramagnetic center) and by halogen atoms as mediators of scalar hyperfine interaction. Observation of sizable DNP of 13CH2 and 13CH3 groups in organic molecules at 9.4 T opens perspective for a broader application of this method.

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