DNP NMR spectroscopy reveals new structures, residues and interactions in wild spider silks #DNPNMR

Craig, Hamish C., Sean J. Blamires, Marc-Antoine Sani, Michael M. Kasumovic, Aditya Rawal, and James M. Hook. “DNP NMR Spectroscopy Reveals New Structures, Residues and Interactions in Wild Spider Silks.” Chemical Communications 55, no. 32 (2019): 4687–90.

DNP solid state NMR spectroscopy allows non-targeted analysis of wild spider silk in unprecedented detail at natural abundance, revealing hitherto unreported features across several species. A >50-fold signal enhancement for each silk, enables the detection of novel H-bonding networks and arginine conformations, and the post-translational modified amino acid, hydroxyproline.

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