Bridge12 Terms and Conditions

For Vendors

Unless specified otherwise on the Purchase Order (PO), below are the Bridge12 Technologies, Inc. standard Terms and Conditions that apply to all POs.


Please confirm acceptance of PO by email to purchaser within 5 (five) business days. Please notify Bridge12 immediately if you are unable to ship as specified.


All invoices and packaging slips should reference the Bridge12 PO number as well as the job (project) number. When sending paper invoices, only one copy is required. Bridge12 prefers to receive electronic invoices.

Invoices by Email

Please send all electronic invoices to

Invoices by Mail

All paper invoices should be mailed to:
Bridge12 Technologies, Inc.
Attn.: Accounts Payable
37 Loring Drive
Framingham, MA 01702


Shipping instructions are indicated on the PO in the SHIP VIA section of the PO. If no shipping account is given (e.g. TBD VENDOR) please contact the Bridge12 purchaser to discuss shipping options.

For Customers

Unless otherwise specified in the quote, below are the Bridge12 Technologies, Inc. default Terms and Conditions that apply to all quotes.

The quote is valid for a period of 90 days starting at the date of the quotation.

Budgetary quotes are non-binding quotes for budgeting purposes only. Before placing an order please request a formal quotation.

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise specified in the quotation, these are the Bridge12 Technologies, Inc. default payment terms:

  1. 60 % payable Net 30 from date of receipt of order
  2. 30 % payable Net 30 from date of delivery
  3. 10 % payable Net 30 from date of acceptance

Unless otherwise specified, these payment terms are the same for each section of the quote.

All goods remain property of Bridge12 Technologies, Inc. until payment in full is received.


Buyer will not unreasonably withhold acceptance.

For the purpose of commencement of warranty and invoicing, final acceptance of the product(s) will occur:

  1. Upon successful completion of the acceptance tests or if Buyer has not rejected the product(s), in writing, within 30 days of Bridge12’s notification that acceptance testing is complete.
  2. If installation or acceptance is delayed by Buyer, or its other suppliers, by more than thirty (30) days after delivery, the Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the equipment on the thirty-first (31st) day after delivery.

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