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The Bridge12 RSC is a resistive sweep coil for researchers who want to change the magnetic field strength in their NMR, DNP or EPR experiments. It can be retrofitted into wide-bore NMR magnets at a fraction of the cost of built-in sweep coils.

Sweep or adjust the magneticfield strength

Typically magnetic resonance experiments are performed at a fixed magnetic field strength because it is not easy to change the main field of a superconducting magnet. However, frequency sweeps are not always possible and sweeping the magnetic field strength is the sometimes the only alternative:

  • In DNP experiments with fixed-frequency microwave sources, researchers may want to characterize new polarizing agents. This either requires an EPR spectrometer operating at the same frequency as the DNP spectrometer or the ability to sweep the magnetic field strength.
  • Low-power DNP experiments using a resonator benefit from lower cost microwave sources but frequency sweeps are not possible due to the fixed frequency of the resonator. Sweeping the magnetic field strength is the only option to conduct measurements.
  • Scientists building an EPR spectrometer can save costs by using an NMR magnet and retrofitting it with a resistive sweep coil to enable magnetic field strength sweeping.

\"\"Sweep range of +/- 400 Gauss

The Bridge12 RSC is able to sweep the magnetic field strength by +/- 400 Gauss, enabling you to cover many radicals.

Great savings compared to built-in superconducting sweep coils

An integrated superconducting sweep coil can easily add about 25 to 50 % or more to the price of the superconducting magnet. The Bridge12 RSC can add the ability to sweep the magnetic field strength to an existing wide-bore magnet at a fraction of the cost. The Bridge12 RSC is compatible with existing instrumentation, including wide-bore superconducting magnets and low-temperature cryostats for wide-bore NMR probes.


Technical Specifications

  • Sweep Range: +/- 400 G
  • Field Homogeneity: +/- 1 ppm over 10 mm
  • Outer diameter: 88.5 mm
  • Inner Diameter: 69 mm (models with larger ID available)
  • Length: 455 mm
  • Cooling: Water cooling required (recirculation chiller recommended but not included)
  • Temperature monitor to prevent overheating included.

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Might this article interest your colleagues? Share it!

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