Basics of EPR for NMR spectroscopists

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The 16th Global NMR Educational Tutorial will be given by Nino Wili, PhD student in Prof. Gunnar Jeschke’s lab at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, on the topic:

“Basics of EPR for NMR spectroscopists”.


In this tutorial lecture, I will describe similarities and differences between NMR and EPR. Continuous-wave EPR will be introduced, as well as basic pulse sequences for hyperfine spectroscopy (ESEEM, ENDOR, ELDOR-detected NMR) and pulsed dipolar spectroscopy (DEER, RIDME, DQC). I will assume previous knowledge about the Bloch equations, the spin Hamiltonian description, product operator formalism, and anisotropic interactions. Examples will focus on molecular systems in chemistry and biology.

Speaker’s biography:

2016: MSc, ETH Zurich (Prof. Matthias Ernst)

2017-present: PhD, ETH Zurich (Prof. Gunnar Jeschke)

Webinar details:

Time: Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 08:00 AM California or 11:00 am Boston or 5:00 PM Paris or 8:30 PM Delhi

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Meeting ID: 924 8049 6788

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