Application and methodology of dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization in physical, chemical and biological contexts #DNPNMR

Jannin, Sami, Jean-Nicolas Dumez, Patrick Giraudeau, and Dennis Kurzbach. “Application and Methodology of Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Physical, Chemical and Biological Contexts.” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 305 (August 2019): 41–50.

Dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization (d-DNP) is a versatile method to enhance nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. It boosts signal intensities by four to five orders of magnitude thereby providing the potential to improve and enable a plethora of applications ranging from the real-time monitoring of chemical or biological processes to metabolomics and in-cell investigations. This perspectives article highlights possible avenues for developments and applications of d-DNP in biochemical and physicochemical studies. It outlines how chemists, biologists and physicists with various fields of interest can transform and employ d-DNP as a powerful characterization method for their research.

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